Our pending paper on Retinitis Pigmentosa reports that  in 17 patients and 33 eyes, approximately 64% of patients treated had improved binocular vision  for the follow up period, approximately 35% remained stable, none lost overall vision.   Approximately 45% of eyes improved an average of  over 7 lines of Snellen vision and in improved eyes, average improvement was over 40% on logMAR visual acuity.  Approximately 45% of eyes remained stable, 3 eyes worsened an average of  almost 2 lines Snellen (we believe as a consequence of RP worsening). There were no surgical complications.   Findings were statistically significant   ( p < 0.05).

This is the first report of any treatment approach providing improvement in the vision of patients with Retinitis Pigmentosa.  The results are statistically significant which is the ‘gold standard’ for medical and scientific work.